Sentry Alert

Sentry is a service that provides error monitoring to help software teams discover, triage, and prioritize their errors in real-time.

The opensentinel Sentry Alert handler notifies you whenever a Sentry error occurs & supports the following integrations as automation destinations:

Sentry Configuration

This section will walk you through configuring Sentry to send error alerts to your opensentinel webhook URL (obtained in the previous step).

  1. Navigate to your Sentry Developer Settings page at<organization_slug>/developer-settings/.

    Or manually: Settings, Developer Settings.

  2. Create a new internal integration by clicking the New Internal Integration button.

    Sentry integration - step 1

  3. Fill in the Internal Integration Details and click Save Changes. The important fields are highlighted below.

    Sentry integration - step 2-1

    • Name: anything you like
    • Webhook URL:
    • Alert Rule Action: enabled

    Sentry integration - step 2-2

    • Issue & Event: Read
    • issue: checked
  4. Now configure your Sentry projects to use the alert rule action you just created. Head over to your project alert settings page at<organization_slug>/projects/<project_name>/alerts/rules/.

    Or manually: Settings, Projects, <project_name>, Alerts

  5. Click on New Alert Rule

  6. And finally fill in the New Alert Rule details and click Save Rule.

    Sentry integration - step 4

    Under Take these actions, be sure to select Send a notification via {service} and then choose your service name from the dropdown list.

You should now see your Sentry alerts flow in through your opensentinel automation recipes.