Keybase Chat

Keybase is a messaging app that allows you to send end-to-end encrypted messages to other people and teams.

Using the opensentinel integration, you can add your Keybase team channels and private DMs as automation destinations - all managed through your dashboard and handled by our automated bot sentinelbot.

Getting Started

You will need a Keybase account as well as their chat application installed for the next few sections, so sign up for a free account if you have not already done so.

This guide will walk you through the details of setting up the individual components - or building blocks. If you're looking for a high-level walkthrough of how these pieces fit together, read through our reference on Creating your first Automation Recipe.

Connect your Keybase Account

  1. Head over to the the Linked Accounts section of your dashboard.

    Linked Accounts section of the dashboard

  2. Click the Add button to bring up the Connect an External Account dialog.

    Connect an external account dialog

  3. Choose Keybase from the service dropdown list, enter in your Keybase username, and click Connect.

    Connect keybase account

    You'll get a summary result which will include your verification code.

  4. Now open up a Keybase chat window with @sentinelbot and message it the verification code (e.g. !verifyme X-XXXXXXX).

    Verify keybase account

  5. After it confirms your verification code, the service status will change to Active and your Keybase account will be ready for you to use in opensentinel.

    Keybase account active

    You might have to refresh the page if you still see the status as Inactive.

Add opensentinel to your Keybase Team

The opensentinel Keybase integration is managed through our automated bot sentinelbot.

Adding this bot to your team allows you to use your team channels as automation destinations - for webhooks and other integrations.

  1. On your team page, navigate to the Bots section and click the Install bots button.

    Team bots section

  2. Type sentinelbot in the search bar and click on the result.

    Search for sentinelbot

  3. In the Install as prompt, choose Restricted bot (recommended) and click the Review button.

    Install as restricted bot prompt

  4. Leave the default options as is and click the Install button.

    Install as restricted

That's all there is to it, you're now ready to set up any of your team channels as an opensentinel automation Destination.

Add a Keybase Channel to opensentinel as an Automation Destination

Adding a team channel as an automation destination to opensentinel allows you to receive notifications from webhooks and other opensentinel Automation Sources (Integrations).

Note: you'll need to add opensentinel to your team as a prerequisite for this section.

  1. In the Keybase app, navigate over to the team channel you want to use as an automation destination and issue the !add-destination command.

    Add a destination

    In this example, we'll be adding the #feedback channel in the @pipernet Keybase team.

  2. After the operation completes successfully it will print out a summary.

    Add destination result

  3. Finally head over to the Automation Destinations section of your dashboard.

    Automation destinations

    From here you can edit the target to rename it if needed.

    You might need to refresh the page if you don't immediately see the new automation destination.

You can now use your Keybase channel to receive notifications from webhooks and other opensentinel automation sources!

Note: instead of teams, you also have the ability to receive opensentinel notifications in DMs - follow the same instructions as above but instead of a team channel, issue the !add-destination command in a 1-on-1 conversation with @sentinelbot and you will see the same results.

Team Roles & Permission

In order to cut down on spam & abuse, opensentinel only allows team members with a writer (or higher) role to create automation destinations within their teams.

Bot Commands

The following bot commands are supported by @sentinelbot:

| Command | Description | | ------------------ | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | !add-destination | Adds the current channel/conversation as an opensentinel automation destination. | | !help | basic help |